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Article in the French site "interstice.fr" on Visual Analytics
Geneaquilts: a new visualization technique for representing large genealogies
WikiReactive: an open architecture to incrementally compute and maintain several aggregated measures on Wikipedia.
GraphDice: a multivariate network visualization
Diffamation: a system that allows rapid exploration of revision histories by combining text animated transitions with simple navigation and visualization tools.
WikipediaViz: visualizations for Wikipedia to keep casual Wikipedia readers aware of quality issues.
VisMaster Video made by AVIZ and the INRIA Video Group.
Motion-Pointing: Target Selection using Elliptical Motions
Topology-Aware Navigation in Large Networks
Color Lenses: efficient navigation in high-dynamic color spaces
ScatterDice: A method for visually exploring of large and multidimensional datasets by navigation in data dimension space using 2D scatterplots and a matrix of scatterplots.
Mélange: A 2D interaction technique for simultaneously showing multiple focus regions by folding intervening space into 3D.

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