I am a Researcher in Computer Science, Scientific Leader of the Inria Research Lab Aviz, also part of Université Paris-Saclay. My research is about exploring and understanding data through interactive visualizations enhanced with interactive analysis methods. For more details, you can read a Short Bio (also in French), take a look at my publications or read my complete CV.

Research Topics

More details on AVIZ's project page. Click on the images to see the details.

Current Funded Projects

  • ParcoursVis: Visualization of Medical Care Pathways for the Health-Data-Hub (French Social Security)
  • URGE: Visualization of Medical Care Pathways to optimize the emergency services of the Parisian Hospitals (AP-HP)

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  1. IEEE VGTC Visualization Technical Award (2020)
  2. IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy (2020)
  3. ACM SIGCHI Academy (2020)
  4. Best Paper Honorable Mention, AVI 2020 Interactive Time-Series of Measures for Exploring Dynamic Networks
  5. AMiner Most Influential Scholar Award Honorable Mention (2010~2020) HCI
  6. AMiner Most Influential Scholar Award (2007~2017) Visualization
  7. Best Paper, ACM UIST 2016, Zooids: Building Blocks for Swarm User Interfaces
  8. Computing Reviews' Notable Books and Articles 2013 for Visual Analytics Infrastructures: From Data Management to Exploration.
  9. Best Paper Honorable Mention, IEEE InfoVis 2013, SoccerStories: A Kick-off for Visual Soccer Analysis
  10. Best Paper, IFIP Interact 2013, PolemicTweet: Video Annotation and Analysis through Tagged Tweets
  11. Best Paper, CHI 2013, Weighted Graph Comparison Techniques for Brain Connectivity Analysis
  12. Best Paper Honorable Mention, IEEE InfoVis 2012, Assessing the Effect of Visualizations on Bayesian Reasoning Through Crowdsourcing.
  13. Best Paper Honorable Mention, Fraunhofer IGD 2011, Visual Analysis of Large Graphs: State-of-the-Art and Future Research Challenges
  14. Google Research Award, 2011, Information Visualization for the People
  15. Best Paper, IEEE InfoVis 2008,Rolling the Dice: Multidimensional Visual Exploration using Scatterplot Matrix Navigation.
  16. Brian Shakel Award (Best Paper), Interact 2007, MatLink: Enhanced Matrix Visualization for Analyzing Social Networks.

Current Professional Activities

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Inria Saclay - Île-de-France
Bat 660, Université Paris-Saclay
91405 Orsay Cedex, France
Phone: +33 1 74854297
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Look at my time line designed by the AVIZ Team for my 50's birthday!

My Chinese Name: 傅可青, thanks to Kwan-Liu Ma and Xiaoru Yuan.