Schedule and course materials

Every class will generally consist in 1h30 of lecture followed by 1h30 of student activities. Slides in PDF will be made available for download after each class. If you see files missing (i.e., you're asked for a password), feel free to e-mail a reminder to the assistant (

22/11 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
 10 minGeneral presentation of the class
 65 minLecture: Introduction to Information Visualization
 10 minBreak -> move to E202
 85 minLab work on P5
29/11 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
  TODO: Hand in Assignment1
 85 minLecture: Perception and Color
 10 minBreak -> move to E202
 85 minSketching
6/12 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
  TODO: Hand in Assignment2
 85 minLecture: Multi-dimensional Data Visualization
 10 minBreak -> move to E202
 85 minTutorial: Wrangling data & exploratory analysis with open refine
13/12 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
  TODO: Hand in Assignment3
 85 minLecture: Graphs and Trees
 10 minBreak
 85 minTutorial: Peer Review Δ
20/12 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
  TODO: Hand in Assignment 4
 85 minLecture: Interaction
 10 minBreak
 85 minTutorial: Interaction Tutorial Δ
25/12 Christmas break
03/01 Christmas break
10/01 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
  TODO: Hand in Assignment 5
 85 minLecture: Storytelling With Data
 10 minBreak
 85 minTutorial: Assessing a Visual Story
18/01 - 9h30 (E210) Petra Isenberg
  TODO: Prepare your demo and hand in your final tool
 60 minLecture: Text Visualization
 10 minBreak
 110 minProject Demos
31/01 - 10h002:00 hoursFinal exam in D101


You can reuse the content of these pages for your class if you acknowledge us (Petra Isenberg, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Pierre Dragicevic, Wesley Willett):