Hybrid-Image Visualizations



We present a first investigation into hybrid-image visualization for data analysis in large-scale viewing environments. Hybrid-image visualizations blend two different visual representations into a single static view, such that each representation can be perceived at a different viewing distance. Our work is motivated by data analysis scenarios that incorporate one or more displays with sufficiently large size and resolution to be comfortably viewed by different people from various distances. Hybrid-image visualizations can be used, in particular, to enhance overview tasks from a distance and detail-in-context tasks when standing close to the display. By taking advantage of humans’ perceptual capabilities, hybrid-image visualizations do not require tracking of viewers in front of a display. Moreover, because hybrid-images use a perception-based blending approach, visualizations intended for different distances can each utilize the entire display. We contribute a design space, discuss the perceptual rationale for our work, provide examples and a set of techniques for hybrid-image visualizations, and describe tools for designing hybrid-image visualizations.


Hybrid-Image Visualization for Large Viewing Environments Petra Isenberg, Pierre Dragicevic, Wesley Willett, Anastasia Bezerianos, Jean-Daniel Fekete IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2013, 19 (12), pp.2346--2355.


The technique was designed for our wall-sized display, so images are very very large and likely not as effective on a regular desktop - or even smaller - screen.


The pictures linked to below are optimized for the WILD wall in our research institute. This wall is 5.5 x 1.8m large and consists of 8x4 30'' Apple Cinema Displays at 2560x1600 resolution each. The images thus have a resolution of 20480 x 6400 = 131 million pixels.


Summary Video


Videos for Presentations

The following a short screencaptures of a simulation of walking towards and away from our large WILD display showing a hybrid image visualization. The videos capture a smooth zoom into a gigapixel hybrid image.


The gigapixel image viewer below lets you simulate walking towards and away from our display wall.


(PDF slides, videos not included)

  • Presentation held at IEEE InfoVis 2013 by Petra Isenberg and Pierre Dragicevic
  • Extended presentation given at Vialab by Petra Isenberg and Pierre Dragicevic. Thanks to Chris Collins for organizing the visit and seminars.


The software for reproducing our results or for making your own hybrid images or hybrid visualizations can be found here: https://github.com/INRIA/hybridvis



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