Fablab Digiscope Laser-cutting Documentation Sheet (Beta)

Project Title: 01 (A title that says what your project does)
Machine Brand: 02 (Epilog, Arketype, Trotec, etc)
Machine version: 03 (Epilog mini 40Watts, Trotec Speedy300 flexx 80Watts etc)
Material you used: 04 (wood, mdf, acrylic, leather, anodized aluminum, etc)
Material Brand: 05 (If relevant, etc)
Material thickness: 06 (1mm, 3mm, 6mm, etc)
Material dimensions: 07 (300x600mm, 400x700mm,etc)
Cut width of the laser: 08 (0.150mm, 0.300mm, etc)
Vector color: 09 (Black ?)
Vector Speed: 10 (Any value between 0% and 100%, etc)
Vector Power: 11 (Any value between 0% and 100%)
Vector frequency: 12 (Any value between 0Hz and 5000hz)
Raster Color: 13 (Red ?)
Raster Speed: 14 (Any value between 0% and 100%)
Raster Power: 15 (Any value between 0% and 100%)
Laser Focusing: 16 (Autofocus or manual)
Job Resolution: 17 (300DPI, 400DPI, 600DPI, etc)
Files were designed by You: 18 (yes I designed it/no I didn't design it)
Files were downloaded from: 19 (if relevant)
Files were downloaded and modified by you: 20 (yes I downloaded it/no I didn't download it)
Software used to draw this 2D object: 21 (Inkscape, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc)
Software used to send your job to the laser-cutter: 22 (Fab Modules, Corel Draw, etc)
Your Name: 23 (Shouldn't be complicated)
(Maybe) Are you a member of: 24 (A hackerspace, a fablab, a makerspace, etc)