Fablab Digiscope Arduino Documentation Sheet (Beta)

Project Title: 01 (A title that says what your project does)
Pcb Brand: 02 (Arduino, sparkfun, adafruit, etc)
Pcb Version 0: 03-0 (Uno, Mega 2560, Lilly Pad, etc)
Pcb Version 1: 03-1 (Uno, Mega 2560, Lilly Pad, etc)
Sensors you used 0: 04-0 (photoresistor, thermistor, infra red sensor, etc)
Sensors you used 1: 04-1 (photoresistor, thermistor, infra red sensor, etc)
Sensors Suppliers 0: 05-0 (Farnell, RS, Conrad, Digikey, etc)
Sensors Suppliers 1: 05-1 (Farnell, RS, Conrad, Digikey, etc)
Actuators you used 0: 06-0 (LCD, led, Motors, etc)
Actuators you used 1: 06-1 (LCD, led, Motors, etc)
Actuators Suppliers 0: 07-0 (Arduino, Sparkfun, Adafruit, Snootlabd etc)
Actuators Suppliers 1: 07-1 (Arduino, Sparkfun, Adafruit, Snootlabd etc)
Total cost of the project: 8 (in euros or whatever money you use")
Software you used to upload the arduino sketch: 9 (Arduino IDE, etc)
Software you used to visualize data coming from the sensors: 10 (Arduino IDE Seriql Monitor, Processing, etc)
Arduino sketches were coded by You: 11 (yes I coded it/no I didn't code it)
Arduino sketches were downloaded from: 12 (Arduino Playgroung, GitHub, etc)
Arduino Sketches were downloaded and modified by you: 13 (yes I downloaded it/no I didn't download it)
Your Name: 23 (Shouldn't be complicated)
(Maybe) Are you a member of: 24 (A hackerspace, a fablab, a makerspace, etc)