Fablab Digiscope 3D Printing Documentation Sheet (Beta)

Project Title: 01 (A title that says what your project does)
Machine Brand: 02 (Ultimaker, RepRap, Formlabs, etc)
Machine Version: 03 (Ultimaker2, Makerbot Replicator2, etc)
Filament/Material you used: 04 (pal, abs, wood fill, pett, etc)
Filament Brand: 05 (ColorFabb, Taulman, Ninja-Flex, etc)
Filament Diameter: 06 (1.75 or 2.85, etc)
Layer Height: 07 (0.25mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mm, 0.06mm, 0.02mm, etc)
Object InFill: 08 (20%, 45%, 100%, etc)
Object Print Speed: 09 (30mm/s, 50mm/s, 100mm/s, etc)
Print Temperature: 10 (Often between 210 C˚ and 230 C˚)
Support Type: 11 (Touching Buildplate, Everywhere, None)
Platform Adhesion Type: 12 (Raft, Brim, heated-bed, None)
Duration of the print: 13 ("min" for minutes, and "h" for hours)
Length of the filament: 14 (in centimeters, meters, etc)
weight of the print: 15 ("g" for grams, "kg" for kilograms, etc,)
Cost of the print: 16 (in euros or whatever money you use")
Software you used to convert your .STL 3D object into a G-Code file: 17 (Cura, MakerWare, etc)
Software you used to draw this 3D object: 18 (123D Design, Solidworks, Inventors, etc)
Software you used to analyze and repair this 3D object: 19 (NetFabb Basic)
Files were designed by You: 20 (yes I designed it/no I didn't design it)
Files were downloaded from: 21 (if relevant)
Files were downloaded and modified by you: 22 (yes I downloaded it/no I didn't download it)
Your Name: 23 (Shouldn't be complicated)
(Maybe) Are you a member of: 24 (A hackerspace, a fablab, a makerspace, etc)