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Aviz researchers make several contributions to IEEE VIS 2022: 3 papers, 2 TVCG papers, 1 CG&A paper, 1 symposium keynote, 4 workshop papers, 1 panel, and 2 posters. 👍


Katerina Batziakoudi joins us for her PhD, with the company Berger-Levrault, on the visualization of budgets. Welcome!


Florent Cabric joins us for his PostDoc on the EquityAnalytics project. Welcome!


Our papers on “Studying Early Decision Making with Progressive Bar Charts”, "Understanding Barriers to Network Exploration with Visualization: A Report from the Trenches", and "BeauVis: A Validated Scale for Measuring the Aesthetic Pleasure of Visual Representations" are accepted to IEEE VIS 2022. We will present these work at IEEE VIS 2022.


Nivan Ferreira starts his 4-months visit with Jean-Daniel, welcome!

============================================ (:cellnr width=120px:) (:cell:) Our journal articleUnderstanding Differences between Combinations of 2D and 3D Input and Output Devices for 3D Data Visualization” is published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. ============================================

At EuroVis 2022, we present two papers and three posters.

============================================ (:cellnr width=120px:) (:cell:) At EuroVis 2022, we present two papers: “LineageD: An Interactive Visual System for Plant Cell Lineage Assignments based on Correctable Machine Learning” and “Hybrid Touch/Tangible Spatial Selection in Augmented Reality”. Both are also published as journal articles in the Computer Graphics Forum. We also present a paper on “Personal Experiences of Providing and Using Research Prototypes” at the VisGap workshop. ============================================

Alaul Islam presents our paper on Preferences and effectiveness of sleep data visualizations for smartwatches and fitness bands at ACM CHI 2022.


Ebrar A. D. Santos starts her Master's internship with Jiayi Hong and Tobias Isenberg, welcome!


Federica Bucchieri starts her 6-months master internship with Lijie Yao and Petra Isenberg, welcome!


We co-authored several book chapters of the CRC Press book on “Mobile Data Visualization”, co-edited by Petra Isenberg.

============================================ (:cellnr width=120px:) (:cell:) Our paper on “Do You Believe Your (Social Media) Data? A Personal Story on Location Data Biases, Errors, and Plausibility as well as their Visualization” is accepted to the journal IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. We will present this work at IEEE VIS 2022. ============================================

🎓 Mickael Sereno successfully defends his PhD on Collaborative Data Exploration and Discussion Supported by Augmented Reality.

============================================ (:cellnr width=120px:) (:cell:) Our paper on “Point Specification in Collaborative Visualization for 3D Scalar Fields Using Augmented Reality” is accepted to Springer's Virtual Reality journal. ============================================

🎓 Petra Isenberg successfully defends her HDR (habilitation).


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