Live visualizations connected to Twitter are an opportunity to engage television (TV) viewers by providing them with visual feedback, social awareness and the possibility to interact with others. In this paper we describe our experience in deploying Bubble-TV, an extension of Bubble-T [3], intended for live visualization of TV viewers' tweets. It was used as a permanent background for the french TV show: "Le grand Webze", allowing its hosts to explore and comment the social activity that took place around the show. In addition, we found that Bubble-TV impacted the viewers' experience, since half of all the viewers who tweeted actively used the system guidelines that were given to them.Yet as effective as Bubble-TV was, we believe more research and different applications are needed to identify best practices and develop general guidelines.


Huron, S., Vuillemot, R., and Fekete, J. 2012. Bubble-TV: Live Visual Feedback for Social TV Broadcast. Extended Abstract at chi'13 workshop (Paris).


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  • Jeremy Boy (INRIA, ENSAD)

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