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Two Aviz posters won best poster design awards at IEEE VIS 2020: SciVis: Subjective Views in Co-Located Augmented Reality–Initial Design by Mickael Sereno and Tobias Isenberg and InfoVIS: Black and White Textures for Visualization on E-ink Displays by Yuanyang Zhong, Tobias Isenberg, and Petra Isenberg 🏆🏆


Jean-Daniel Fekete receives the IEEE VGTC Technical Achievement Award. Catherine Plaisant receives the IEEE VGTC Visualization Career Award. They both become member of the IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy. 🏆🏆


AVIZ researchers make several contributions to IEEE VIS this year: 2 papers, 3 TVCG papers, 1 short paper, 5 posters, and an award winning VAST contest entry.👍


Liwenhan Xie, James O'donnell, Benjamin Bach, Jean-Daniel Fekete received a best paper honorable mention award for their AVI'20 paper Interactive Time-Series of Measures for Exploring Dynamic Networks.

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