Exhausted visitors, after 2h of commute, trying to figure out where on Earth is the building. Photos Fanny Chevalier.

Contacting the Team

Permanent Researchers

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Mail address Physical address
Bât 660, Université Paris-Sud Bât 660, Digiteo Moulon
Team Aviz Rue Noetzlin
91405 Orsay Cedex 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
France See Google Map

Finding our building

If you plan to visit us make sure you print this page as well as that one!

We are located at the Plateau de Saclay, 25 km from Paris. The Aviz team is in the Digiteo Moulon building, number 660. This building is located right next to its sister building the PCRI / LRI building, number 650, which is easy to recognize from far -- see picture below: the Digiteo Moulon building is just to the left, not visible on the photo. PCRI stands for Pôle Commun de Recherche en Informatique and LRI stands for Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique.

Both buildings 660 and 650 can be seen on this Google Satellite Map.

Getting inside our building

Our building has a restricted access policy, partly due to the fact that it's hosting CEA, a French research institution in nuclear power.

The entrance is to the West of the building. Once there, ring the bell, wait and the caretaker will open the door (sometimes you may have to wait for 2 minutes as he may not be at his desk). Then walk towards the reception to the left, say you're visiting Aviz and give him your ID. He will give you a badge with which you will pass the revolving doors and will be free to walk around in the building.

If you are coming as part of a group visit, we may have already given your name to the guardian, in which case you would just have to sign next to your name. If not, tell him whom you are visiting and have him call a member of our team.

Be warned that the caretaker may not speak English.

Finding Aviz inside the building

Once you passed the revolving doors, take the stairs right in front, go one floor up, then turn right (at which point you should see our coffee machine) and immediately to the left, Jean-Daniel Fekete's office is the first one to the right.

Coming by car

The GPS coordinates of our building are as follows:

Degrees Lat Long48.71246079999999° N, 2.1666218999999955° E
Degrees Minutes Seconds48°42'44.859" N, 2°9'59.838" E

Please note that the maps/instructions of your GPS may not be up-to-date as we currently reside in a construction zone.

Parking: you can park at any of the spots on the parking lot at the location given above, you do not need a permit and you also do not need to pay. The parking entrance is next to the other building (PCRI); the access road to our parking lot runs behind both buildings.

Coming by public transportation

There are two ways to reach our lab by public transportation. First you get on the RER B line in Paris and take a train that goes south (not to the CDG airport which is North and not to Robinson which is on the wrong southern branch of the train).

Your host may have given you instructions to get off either at:

In either case you need to check the signs at the RER B platforms to make sure that the train stops at the station you should get off at. The following instructions are for getting to Massy Palaiseau - this is what we recommend if you will reach us by bus.

From Paris, take the RER B to Massy Palaiseau and then the bus 91-06B, 91-06C or 91.10 and get off at Moulon. This should take you between 1h and 1h15 from Gare du Nord and between 45 min and 1h from Denfert-Rochereau.

Click here for detailed information on how to take the RER B, find the right ticket machines, and take the right train to get to Massy Palaiseau. To take the bus from Massy Palaiseau to our lab you will need an extra ticket: you can buy it from the bus driver but he will also accept regular Paris metro tickets (t+).

Once at Massy Palaiseau walk on the platform and cross the bridge that leads you to the bus station (gare routière). Then look for the signs for the bus stop:

Get on the right bus and off at Moulon. Right in front of you will see the Digiteo Shannon building.

For schedules, travel times, and alternative routes check the website vianavigo.com. The full name for the Moulon bus stop is "Moulon, Gif-sur-Yvette" and there is another nearby stop East of PCRI: "IUT pôle d'ingénierie". For a slightly less reliable but more bucolic way to get to our building, see here.


Going back to Paris

If you made it to our lab, getting back to Paris is easy. Go to the bus station facing the one where you initially got off, and wait for the bus 91-06B, 91-06C or 91.10. Massy-Palaiseau is the final destination. Once there, follow the signs to Paris (all RER B trains stop at all stations in Paris).

Finding a hotel

In Paris

Some visitors have stayed at and liked the following hotels:

  • 3 Collèges - close to the Luxembourg RER stop that will take you directly here

Close to the lab

The area around our lab is under heavy construction and a hotel that seems close might be practically hard to reach. We suggest you the following hotels close to out lab:

Studihotel[ Website ][ Address ]
Residhome[ Website ][ Address ]

Long-Term Visitors

If you are a longer-term visitor to Aviz and need more information on where to get help for housing etc. have a look at our visitors page.